Regulatory Compliance Services

We Do the Work, You Enjoy Peace-of-Mind

At MRB Regulatory Consulting, we are client-focused. Where a typical consultant brings expertise and protocols, we bring a partnering approach backed by senior compliance managers, regulatory attorneys, and audit professionals, mostly with backgrounds at prominent financial institutions.

We are client focused, and have your goals in mind.

Our goal is compliance plus. With our solutions, we work to build ongoing compliance into your cannabis-related business. Working together, we develop and implement effective, streamlined compliance programs for your business.

From small to large, our clients vary in size, geography and need.

Customized for You

icon_customizeMRB uses a comprehensive, detailed and customized program to perform testing of compliance policies and procedures. We have compiled a library of tasks to create a complete compliance program, based on Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations, interpretations from regulators and industry best practices. This comprehensive program is then customized for each client, based on your business model, corporate structure, investment practices, operations, client base, and any factors that could impact your regulatory requirements. We review your relevant documentation and prior regulatory examination results, and discuss your concerns, controls and potential regulatory risks. Our goal is to understand your Financial Institution and its operations thoroughly and then create a compliance program that fits your needs.

Experience That Counts

icon_expertOur consultants have worked for other organizations in a legal, regulatory, audit or compliance capacity. With our varied client base, we gain experience quickly and have the luxury of seeing how many firms handle compliance issues, including regulatory exams.

Your Personal Consulting Team

icon_teamMRB Regulatory Consulting was founded by Greg Wagner and Matt Hardin in 2019.  Greg and Matt recognized the need for compliance services for Financial Institutions servicing the Cannabis industry, and assembled a team of experienced compliance consultants to serve this market. We have developed standardized processes for performing compliance testing and monitoring so we can be sure that each client is receiving the same high level of service.

Process that Ensures Quality

icon_processWe provide a consistent method for performing each task and train our consultants on our methodology to ensure that all clients receive high quality compliance services. We work together to develop standard operating procedures (“SOPs”), which are then incorporated into the compliance program. The SOPs are constantly evolving as we learn from our experiences with regulators and other clients.

A Wealth of Knowledge

icon_knowledgeOur compliance team consists of former in-house regulatory attorneys, senior compliance managers, compliance officers and senior audit professionals from prominent financial institutions. Because regulations are constantly changing, all of our consultants are required to take continuing education to keep up-to-date on regulatory issues, and many have achieved the designation of CAMS.